Imani Rescue center

"...Defend widows and orphans and help those in need."

Isaiah 1:17

Long time RockChurch members and ministry partners, Terry and Veronica Richards are on a mission to bring hope to the women and children through their not-for-profit organization, Imani Rescue Center International. But they know they cannot do this without help.  They've already purchased five acres of land in Kimana, Kenya and will be relocating their family and breaking ground there in the summer of 2022. This will begin the first phase of development, which will include:

Build of Center
Building of the rescue center. This includes building permits, architectural design; structural engineer, sewage; septic installation, plumbing, construction labor and materials, etc.

Fresh Water
Installation of a groundwater well plus any supplies needed. This will provide free fresh water to the community and the center.

Irrigation System
Installation of an irrigation system and crops and supplies to begin growing food to feed the hungry.

Solar System
Installation of a solar system to provide power for the well pump, irrigation for crops, and Imani Rescue Center housing and resources.

Furnishing the Imani Rescue Center with housing needs, first aid kits, sanitary supplies; other necessary basic needs items.

Purchasing a 4x4 vehicle for rescue, getting supplies & daily activities for the center.