Chances are, you’ve gone head-to-head with a giant at some point in your life. If so, you know firsthand what defeat feels like. A giant can be anything from a financial crisis to cancer to the big jerk in seventh grade who won’t leave you alone. It can be whatever stands between you and your family, you and your dreams, or you and your hope. A giant can even be that voice in your head that whispers, “You can’t” or “You won’t” or “You never will.”

In 1 Samuel 17, we meet a giant bully named Goliath, who has taunted the nation of Israel for 40 consecutive days, just begging for someone to come fight him. The constant jeering has all but paralyzed King Saul and his army.

I love that the most unlikely contender was the very one to step onto the battlefield and finally accept the giant’s challenge. David wasn’t only the least likely person in Israel to fight Goliath; he was also the least likely person in his own family—the youngest of eight boys.

Here’s a sad reality: No matter how young or old you are, you haven’t seen your last giant. Your enemy, the devil, is doing everything he can to place giants between you and your dreams; between you and your God-given vision; between you and your miracle; between you and your victory; between you and your second chance; and, ultimately, between you and your destiny.

It’s important to point out that David heard the very same words that every soldier in Saul’s army had heard. The difference was that David decided to do something about it.

What are you going to do about the bully who stands between you and your victory? What are you going to do about the giant standing between you and your dream? What are you going to do about the obstacle that is keeping you from becoming the person who God created you to be? Are you prepared to cut through the resistance? Are you ready to fight? I’m talking about trusting God and stepping onto the battlefield—even when no one else believes you can win—and fighting, if need be, until you are the last one standing. David was that somebody with Goliath. You can be that somebody too.

God will help you fight battles that you could never win on your own.


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